Restoration The Art of Locs Caring

( 15min / PER HEAD )

£10.00 / PER HEAD

Many people who wear locs have issues from time to time. Whether it be thinning at the root, in the middle of the loc, bumps, holes or ends breaking off, these issues can be fixed most of the time. There are other times, however, when it may be time to cut your losses and let them go.

Some causes for thinning locs could be related to them being too heavy for hair that is prone to thinning; it could also be causes by poor maintenance or the lack of maintenance. On the other side of that , over twisting or tightening can cause locs to thin; and finally, locs can thin if they are pruned too much with shears.

Beautify your locs


  • Colouring (Peroxide).
  • Colouring (Base Colour).
  • Build-up Remover.
  • Locs Re-attachments.
  • Locs Repair.

If you have dreadlocks, then you’ve probably experienced panicking moments after realizing a few locks were starting to thin. Just like with any other hair style choice, excessive styling can put a strain on your strands and result in thinning. This issue usually occurs in two places; either towards the root of your lock, which means you should ease up on re-twisting so often, or towards the end of your dreadlocks and could result in breakage if not repaired.

Experience the Art of Locs Caring